Redefining fitness at CrossFit Northzone.

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With over 60 classes per week you got less than 0 excuses.

With classes running from 7:30am to 11:00pm you’ll always find the time to train.

Got questions? Here are the answers! Find out everything you need to know.

Meet Northzone Fitness

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a fitness enthusiast
or a hardcore athlete, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Find a class
made for you

Enjoy our versatile programs, world-class fitness equipment and specialized trainers to help you transform your body and health.


Let us take your workout to the next level with our variety of classes.
Find the one that matches your needs.

A new and innovative HIIT class is waiting for you with lots of surprises.

Welcome to Barbell Club, the next step in your fitness journey!

Welcome to CrossFit Skills, the ultimate class for athletes ready to elevate their training with Olympic weightlifting.

Welcome to Small Group PT, the perfect starting point for your fitness journey at Northzone.

An all-out sweatfest designed to upgrade your metabolic conditioning and burn those extra calories.

Fitness - The ultimate crossfit challenge.

Reclaim your flexibility and range of motion with this specialized class.

Master the olympic lifts in this small group class.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

After you decide to start training we will make sure you get the best fitness program. Our expert coaches and top-of-the-line sports equipment are a winning combination.

Our coaches are experts in their field. Constanty updating their knowledge they offer you only the best in training.

Using only top-of-the-line equipment we ensure a safe and quality training experience.

From the changing rooms to the training area and the equipment we take pride in our cleanliness and overall environment

Our experienced staff and coaches are instructed to keep your spirits high and your lifts strong!