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North Zone Rules

North Zone Rules!

Don’t overthink! Ask us and you shall find the answer!

Keep every piece of equipment clean! Make sure you leave it exactly as you found it!

Maintain your personal hygiene. Because sweating a lot is a very real possibility, it would be a great idea to have an extra t-shirt once you are done with your workout.

Don’t go crazy with the gym chalk! It doesn’t have to feel like it’s snowing every time you go for a workout.

We encourage our fellow athletes and we contribute to the team spirit!

If we have past injuries or pain we let our coach know! Always!

We smoke neither inside the facility nor outside in the gym’s yard.

Assuming we have no further questions or suggestions we immediately let our supervisor or coach know

Children: You are allowed to bring your child to the gym during your workouts but you are responsible for their safety

Appearance: Sports clothing – being under-dressed / shirtless or wearing provocative clothing is not allowed


Check In – Members should come in through the central entrance and check in using the fingerprint scanners. Only healthy adults are able to register for CrossFit. It is mandatory for underage members to present a consent form signed by their parents.

Medical Assurance – Each member is required to provide medical assurance 3 days from their registration in order to be allowed to work out. This assurance should be renewed every year. Otherwise the gym may not allow you to enter.


Warm up starts 15 minutes earlier. Don’t be late.

The time results after each WOD only concern you and the coach. Don’t compare your time results with other athletes.

Don’t cheat - rounds, repetitions, sets. There is no reason; leave your ego out of the Box.

Tidiness - After each WOD you should pick up your equipment and set it back in its place for the next trainees.

Kettlebells – Don't throw them anywhere.

Food – Take care of your diet. Your last meal should be 2 – 3 hours prior to your workout.

Get Rest – Your body is able to cope with strenuous exercise only if you are rested.

Don’t Overdo It – There is an injury risk if you are doing two successive workouts on the same day.

Stretching & Mobility – After each WOD.

Injuries & Pain – Coaches should be immediately informed.

Open Gym

Only the gym members that have completed the INTRO classes are allowed to work out during OPEN GYM hours

In the OPEN GYM the coach is only responsible for supervising the training facility and not for providing training tips.

You are allowed to do personal training only during OPEN GYM hours.

The use of STRAPS is forbidden

Keep the gym clean. Pick up your equipment and put it back in its place

Changing Rooms

The usage of lockers is only permitted during your stay at the gym

The gym is not to blame if money or any personal belongings are lost or stolen.

Each member is responsible for keeping their personal things safe and secure.

Throw all types of junk in the rubbish bins.

Be careful when you make a protein shake. Try not to let it spill on the floor.