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Every athlete tries to complete introductory levels 1,2,3,4 and join Level 5. This is a class that makes use of specialized programming that can maximize the athletes’ efficiency whether they are professionals or novice trainees. The class includes:

  • A strength component either with an external load or with their athlete’s own body weight
  • A technique component where trainees get to learn a new skill
  • The WOD itself, which varies on a daily basis depending on how much conditioning, gymnastics and weightlifting are included in the workout.

Because the level of expertise required in this level is higher than the previous levels, there is always the possibility to scale the exercises from complex to simple to everyone’s safety.

The aim as always is to create a fun environment and make each athlete better all the time. The max capacity of each group is 40 people with a workout duration of 75 minutes.

Capacity : Large group

Duration : 1 hour

Equipment : Everything you can think of

Prerequisite : The athlete must pass the exam after Level 4 to enter this class

Ideal for : Athletes who have mastered most, if not all the basic Crossfit skills