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What is CrossFit?... and other frequently asked questions

CrossFit is a relatively new training system – take into consideration that CrossFit was officially founded in 2000 – that has shown tremendous growth in a short span of time! Within just 18 years there are more than 13000(!) fitness clubs officially affiliated with the CrossFit brand.
So what is CrossFit?

The good thing about CrossFit is that it is a philosophy that can be found in all aspects of our daily routines and athletic activities. It is the preparation for the unknown through the lens of functional exercise, a way of training which will help us overcome all challenges.

Why do we say this?

Because CrossFit training builds up skills, which show their significance in many aspects of our lives. Most of the time without us even realizing.

As per the official definition, provided by its founder Carl Glassman, CrossFit is a training system consisting of constantly varying high-intensity functional exercises.

What does this mean? It means that every workout is different from the previous one not only when it comes to the number of sets and reps but also to challenges you will have to face each time.

The best part about CrossFit, however, is that it is infinitely scalable. Actually, CrossFit workouts can be modified to pose a challenge for the trainee whether they are Olympic-level champions or overage and have not trained in years. CrossFit definitely has something for everyone.

Why so much noise surrounding it?

CrossFit is our individual effort to overcome our old selves. Simultaneously, it is the team effort and the sense of community that pushes you to be better in every workout. And this is exactly why CrossFit has a special place in the hearts and minds of athletes worldwide.

The WOD (Workout Of The Day) plays a big role in this. The WOD is the daily workout that is posted every day and all members of the community have to complete it.

Regardless of our viewpoint, this system is brilliant and works flawlessly. First of all, it makes the workout measurable because the trainee has to complete it under a specific time window and has to meet specific requirements. Furthermore, it makes each trainee compare themselves to other athletes and motivates them to push even harder. It would be a massive understatement to say that the atmosphere is fun whenever groups of friends walk into a CrossFit Box and try to outdo each other in the WOD.

I have never trained before. Can I do CrossFit?

The answer is of course! Here at CrossFit North Zone we have designed an innovative system that integrates each trainee seamlessly into the classes based on their experience and physical condition.

As long as the novice athletes hone their technique they can advance to the next level assuming a respectable amount of progress. This ensures that every athlete perfects their technique while simultaneously improving their physical condition in a safe manner.

Along the way our members are guided by experienced trainers that are by their side from warmup to cooldown.

I don’t want to do CrossFit. Can I do something else?

With our facility covering over 2000 m2, a wide range of equipment and many classes on offer, if someone would rather do something else other than a typical CrossFit workout, they could easily take part in other classes  like the Burnout (conditioning program without barbells), or take a gymnastics, mobility (that has to do with stretching and flexibility), or Olympic weightlifting class.

One could also train alone at the gym area which houses a wide range of strength and conditioning equipment as well as a wide selection of rowers, bikes and treadmills.

If I do CrossFit, “will I bulk up”?

The proper question is: If I do CrossFit will I build an evenly trained and aesthetic body? The answer to this is Yes! CrossFit is a predominantly athletic workout that will help you, among others, increase your muscularity, boost your metabolism and avoid osteoporosis. This is why CrossFit is among the first choices for male and female athletes alike!

So no, you will not bulk up, but you will definitely have a sculpted and athletic body in peak physical condition! A short tour of our facility will be enough to convince you!

What will I need?

The only thing you will need is athletic attire and a good mood! You can leave the rest to us!

A health certificate both by your cardiologist and GP is mandatory when purchasing a membership.