Box Crossfit Rules

Internal Regulation “CrossFit North Zone”

Behavior: members should behave properly and decently.

Smoking: is not allowed both in the inside and outside of the gym premises.

Drugs: usage or trading of is strictly forbidden.

Children: You are allowed to bring your child to the gym during your training but their safety is your responsibility.

Appearance: Sports clothing – being under-dressed / shirtless or provocative clothing is not allowed.

Friends: introduce your friends to CrossFit – encourage them to come for a test training session.

CrossFit: It’s a relentless journey – Don’t stop evolving.

Training course: with your registration you are allowed to do one training per day.


Check In – Members should come in trhough the central entrance and check in using the fingerprint machines. Only healthy adults are able to register for CrossFit. It is mandatory for underage members  to present a consent form signed by their parents.

Medical Assurance – Each member is required to provide medical assurance  3 days from their registration in order to be allowed to work out. This assurance  should be renewed every year. Otherwise the gym may not allow you to enter.


Warm up starts 15 minutes earlier. Don’t be late.

The time results after each WOD concern only you and the coach. Don’t compare your time results. 

Don’t cheat  - rounds, repeats, sets. There is no reason; leave your selfishness out of the Box.

Tidiness -  After each WOD you should pick up your equipment and set it back on its place for next trainees.

Kettlebells Don't throw them down beccause they are made of sand and can be easily broken.

Food – Take care of your diet. Your last meal shoul be  2 – 3 hours prior to your training programme.

Get Rest Your body is able to cope with this strenuous exercise only if you are rested, .

Don’t Overdo It – There is danger of injury if you are doing two successive workouts in the same day.

Streching  & Mobility – After each WOD.

Injuries – Coaches should be immediately informed.

Pounder – Use it properly. Don’t throw it to the ground.


  • Only if the members that have gone from INTRO to FITNESS are allowed
  • In the OPEN GYM the coach is responsible only for the space supervision and not for training
  • You are allowed to do personal training only within the hours of  the OPEN GYM
  • The use of STROOPS is forbidden
  • Keep the gym clean. Pick up your equipment and put it back to its place.


  • The usage of lockers is only permitted during your stay at the gym
  • The gym is not blame for your losing money or other personal things
  • Each member is responsible for the security of its personal things
  • Throw plastic bottles or anything junk in the rubbish bins
  • Be careful when you make a protein shake . Don’t pour it to the floor