The Crossfit Workout

What is CrossFit?

Let’s start with 2 examples. The one side on the spectrum  is a runner, who has incredible strength, meager power, skinny body, and the other is a body-builder who has huge power, inadequate stamina, excessive body mass.

So, which is the golden section?

Fitness consists of 10 factors.

Cardiovascular/respiratory-endurance, Stamina,Strength, Flexibility,Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, Accuracy.  If you lack of something, the total harmony and balance are vanished.

It is obvious that going in a a typical boring gym, chained to an exercise machine pushing or pulling to one direction, you are just giving a small stimulation to your body, missing its abundant abilities or needs.

By doing CrossFit, your main target is the harmonious development of these 10 factors. CrossFit is changing intensive usable exercises. The functional movements firm up simultaneously all your muscles making your metabolism and hormonal correspondence meet their peak.

The constantly changing programs don’t let your body get bored. This means that you are continuously improved and want more and more training. The programme is changing every day.

The high tension is subjective for somebody who doesn’t exercise daily; running 400m in 2:30 minutes is really intensive for an athlete in less than 1 minute. A novice is going to do squats with their body weight. Contrary to an athlete who is going to use extra weight. The needs are the same for everyone, no matter their age or healthy condition. Our experienced trainers are able to adjust each exercise to your individual needs.

In CrossFit North Zone the members are separated in small groups in order to have the proper supervision. The WOD starts with a general warm-up, continues to a more specific warm-up based on the exercises of the WOD (WORKOUT OF THE DAY) and their technique and passes to the WOD which last for 10 – 20 mins and combines weightlifting, gymnastics and brief intensive aerobic parts. We finish with mobility and stretching.

Don’t hesitate! Come for a free trial workout and get more CrossFit!