Crossfit F.A.Q

What is Crossfit?

 Crossfit consists of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. More information you could find in the page “The Workout”.

Is it necessary to have a high level of healthy condition in order to do Crossfit?

No! Crossfit appeals to everyone and the same workout can be performed both by a novice or an Olympic athlete. All the exercises have progressions and we are able to adjust their scale of difficulty to your abilities. For example, somebody inexperienced is going to do squats with their body weight contrary to an athlete who is  going to use a 100-kilo barbell. As you may understand both of whom are going to do the same exercise approaching their limits!

I had an injury, would have been able to do Crossfit?

Bad technique is to blame for the majority of injuries. Consequently we mainly focus on the accurate technique. Many of our members had come with plenty of muscular injuries such as pained elbows, knees or waist and within a month they surpassed their problems and managed to strengthen their muscles with proper technique. Otherwise if you are suffered from a serious long-term problem you should visit your doctor and inform our trainers in order to teach you a safe different form for each exercise.

I’m a woman and I’m afraid of getting pumped

This is not going to happen! Because of the women hormones (estrogen) your body doesn’t let you get pump. If it happens to see a woman with over-developed muscles, this causes from usage of steroids (men hormones). In fact, the latest researches show that women need weightlifting more than men in order to avoid osteoporosis. Crossfit is necessary not only for a balanced healthy condition and an outstanding appearance, but also for enhancing bone density and prevent from osteoporosis.

How many groups there  are and in which i am going take part?

 There are 2 main groups. The first one is named “intro”. It has 4 levels with all the basic crossfit exercises. everyone should attend these 4 levels and when they are ready, they do a training – examination .  If they have the accurate technique, trainers pass them to the next group which is named “fitness”.

I am fit enough and i don’t want to participate in the “intro”. is this possible?

 Of course it is possible if you were going to an other crossfit box. The only condition is to make trainers sure that you know the fundamentals and you have the right technique.

Is it possible to be trained alone?

 Definitely you have this privilege when in our schedule there is the mark “open gym”.Take a look at these hours.

What is needed during the training course?

Good mood and simple sports wear. You’d better avoid sneakers or all stars in order to protect your feet from jolts. Furthermore, it is necessary to hold a bottle of water during your training. Of course our box carries a water cooler and a fridge with an abundance of nutritious products

Is there the opportunity of personal training?

Definitely! For more information you may ask to our reception desk.